Posted by: christinelaennec | May 9, 2014

Harrisian giveaway

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments about my Isle of Harris travelogue, and for enjoying my trip away with me.

There have been so many times when someone has asked where we’re going on holiday, and I’ve said Harris and they hear Paris.  It is the case that most people in Scotland would go to Paris much more readily than to Harris.  I once had a good laugh when I was asked if I would be going to Disneyland – “Disneyland Harris, there’s a thought!”  So we use the adjective “Harrisian”.  Rhymes with “Parisian”.

As a thank-you to you, my lovely readers – whether you’re a commenter or not, I know you’re there and I appreciate you! – I brought a few things back from Harris to give away.

In my Harrisian giveaway

In my Harrisian giveaway

From top left:  Harris Tweed brooch, book about the Harris Tweed weaver Marion Campbell, small print/card by Anthony Barber, a smartphone case in Harris Tweed, a brochure explaining Harris Tweed.  You may notice a unifying theme here!

I’m happy to post anywhere in the world, and will draw a name from the hat on Saturday May 17th at 7 pm GMT.  So if you’d like this small parcel of goodies from the Outer Hebrides, leave a comment.

In the meantime, thank you again, and I wish you all a very happy weekend.



  1. What a wonderful generous giveaway. I would love to be included in the draw. I dream of living on the Islands (soon I hope, if all goes to plan). Have a good weekend.

  2. I love the idea of people confusing Harris with Paris. 🙂 That’s a very generous giveaway and although I’m commenting, please feel free to leave my name out of that hat. I’m geographically close enough (in theory at least) to go to Harris myself and it would be nice if someone who’s unlikely to be able to get there had a chance to win these lovely goodies. After reading your posts I certainly feel a yearning to revisit the outer isles.

  3. I would love to be added to the list. I have enjoyed every post. Scotland is so beautiful and there is so much peace to enjoy there. I found the people to be so genuine !

  4. I have really enjoyed your travels around the outer Hebrides, we love the place, we take the caravan and will be sailing into Tarbert on 31 st may for a relaxing break, can’t wait!

  5. What a wonderful, generous group of gifts! I have been reading your blog for over a year now and can truly say that you and your family are an inspiration. As a teacher of young people with health needs, I have followed the Dafter`s journey closely. But the detail in your trip to Harris has had me enthralled! I even suggested we go there for our summer holiday …. watch this space!

  6. Amazingly cool!

  7. I too have especially enjoyed hearing about Harris in such detail. I hope to go there one day…. I’m saving your posts as a reference. Thank you!

  8. I have never been to Scotland or Harris, your beautiful pictures and description make me want to go there.

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your account of your trip to the islands. Thank you for sharing!

  10. How very kind and generous of you. I smiled when you said people tend to hear Harris instead of Paris. This happens to us too and once when we had a problem with a car we had hired in Aberdeen the car hire people were very sympathetic when they thought we were in Paris! I think it confused them no end when we suggested picking up an exchange car in Inverness on our way home!!

  11. I really enjoyed your trip with you. It’s so nice to “visit” places I’ll probably never get to see in person.

  12. I would so much enjoy visiting the outer Hebrides and you have done the next best thing for me. I enjoyed all the posts immensely, and I have been reading you for several years. I don’t read many blogs, but you are at the top of the list of the ones that I read on a regular basis. Thank you so much.

  13. When things aren’t going so good, I look at houses for sale on all the Scottish islands and dream. Haris Tweed is synonymous with my childhood of almost always owning a Harris Tweed coat.

    The give away is very generous.

  14. What a lovely idea. Recently, my husbands brother, and his family went to Paris for four days. Your comment made me laugh, as my husband told them that he’d rather go to Harris!

  15. What a fun idea! I so enjoy your posts and your trip to Harris has captivated me! A plan is forming to make a visit from Utah to the Scottish islands – your pictures and descriptions are really drawing me closer. My Great Great Grandfather Esplin immigrated from Scotland in 1849. Hard to imagine why he would leave such a beautiful place. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and your life with us.

  16. Oh such lovely things you brought back!!!! Makes me want to go and work with some of the tweed I have… how people mistake your vacation plans for Paris!!!

  17. I started to tell my husband about your visit to Rodel and the church there, saying you had gone to Harris. By the time I mentioned Historic Scotland he realised that he had mis-heard me; he too had thought I was telling him you had gone to Paris.

  18. Please pop my name in the draw. I so enjoy reading your blog as it is a link to my home. I am in a nostalgic frame at the moment and love everything scottosh.

  19. Are friends allowed to take part? What a fab giveaway! Xxxtt

    • Sorry about all the typos! Still can’t get used to my tablet, lol!

  20. I thoroughly enjoyed your trip away with you and am glad you had some time for yourself. This is a lovely giveaway and thank you for a chance to be included. ♥

  21. Hahaha, I too like the idea of people confusing Harris with Paris. 🙂 A beautiful giveaway. Do not enter my name as I hope to go visit Harris one day soon with hubby and I don’t want him to have ANY excuse to say I cannot buy many souvenirs while there, LOL!

    Did you and your daughter see the Great Tapestry of Scotland yet? It’s now in Paisley and I was in awe! 😀

  22. This is the first time I have heard about Harris (seriously) so this prize pack is intriguing!

  23. Winning the give away would be ALMOST as good as going there 🙂

    (And I’d much rather go to Harris than Paris!!)

  24. Thanks for organising the giveaway. It’s nice to have a flutter!

  25. Thank you for the lovely giveaway!

  26. What a lovely giveaway! I’ve so enjoyed reading about your trip.

  27. I just adore plaids. Thank you for sharing about your trip…lovely descriptions and photos.

  28. Wow, Christine! It is lovely of you to plan such a generous and interesting giveaway…and definitely a blessing for the winner 🙂

  29. I love the colours, and the history.

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