Posted by: christinelaennec | May 25, 2014

A special breakfast in Edinburgh

Why am I smiling so widely in this photo?

Big smile!

Big smile!

Yes, it’s partly because I love pancakes and maple syrup, with good coffee.  Michael and I had breakfast last Sunday morning at Bistro Moderne in Edinburgh.  It is a very pleasant place, in a former Art Deco-era bank building:

Bistro Moderne by Mark Greenaway, Stockbridge, Edinburgh.

Bistro Moderne by Mark Greenaway, Stockbridge, Edinburgh.

Michael and I weren’t altogether certain, because of the Dafter’s ongoing ME/CFS, whether we would make the trip or not.  But the night before, she said I Will Be Fine! so we left her sleeping, with breakfast ready on a tray, and we caught an early train to Edinburgh.  And look who was helping to prepare my pancakes:  Our Son!

Our Son makes our breakfast!

Our Son makes our breakfast!

Clearly all those Sunday mornings of making waffles and pancakes during his childhood paid off!  Our Son was so happy that we were able to come see him at work.  And we were very proud of him indeed.  We thoroughly enjoyed our meal, served on beautiful pottery and china.  It’s a very nice restaurant, just a few minutes’ walk from Princes Street.  I’d definitely recommend it.

As we’d come early on a Sunday morning, before the place got really crowded, he was able to slip outside for a couple of photos:

Photo with Dad

Photo with Dad

photo with Mama

photo with Mama

It was fantastic to see him.  After we parted, I galloped back to Waverley Station with Michael, to see him safely on the train back to Glasgow.  I then found myself with an unexpected slice of time before rendezvousing with friends and going to Heart & Soul – but I will tell you about my gift of an hour in Edinburgh in my next post.



  1. Now that is a special breakfast. I can’t imagine anything tasting sweeter than that. A few hours ago I spent over an hour walking to work and for nearly the whole time I worried about one of my sons; so your post comes at a perfect time, especially when I think about the fact that his life journey hasn’t always been smooth sailing.

  2. How wonderful

  3. How fantastic! I can understand your pride.
    Nice to see inside this place in its new incarnation. I’ve known it as a bank, then as ‘Zanzero’ – a bistro run by the Contini familiy, then a fish restaurant, and I noticed recently that it had changed again. It looks as if it’s found the right approach this time.
    And how great for all of you to have this landmark of the Dafter’s improving health.

  4. What a great way to start your Sunday, no wonder you were so happy. It was great that you were able to leave the Dafter and it must have been lovely for your son to see you at his work. I used to love it when my mum popped in to see me when I worked in a bookshop in Edinburgh.

  5. What a happy story! I’m so glad the Dafter is well enough for you to get away together.

  6. What a great breakfast outing! Was it a surprise for him to find out who he was cooking for? Will def put this place on my list for next time I manage to get to Edinburgh.

  7. Now that is what I call a special breakfast. Wonderful.

  8. Such lovely happy photos – great stuff!

  9. So neat!

  10. How proud you must have been of both your young people Christine. Must try the restaurant next time we are in Edinburgh.

  11. Such lovely happy smiles, Christine!

  12. How lovely! I can understand your pride. 🙂

  13. Oh that is wonderful! How lovely for you BOTH to get to go on your own to enjoy a meal at such an amazing place and prepared by your son! Wouldn’t mind having a meal there myself. 🙂

  14. I can almost smell the pancakes and the coffee, oh how nice!

  15. Thanks, everyone, for sharing our happiness! Yes, we are very proud indeed and also it was a very good thing that we could leave the Dafter of a morning and know she would be fine.

    oldblack, I’m glad that this post came at a time when you needed some good news about parenting and children coming through hard times. Your son is lucky to have you behind him. It’s impossible not to worry at times like that!

    Linda, how interesting that you know the history of the building! The inside is very pretty – I would have liked to take photos of the woodwork and plasterwork, but I was already making a bit of my idiot of myself taking photos of Our Son…

    Lorna, I always enjoy how well you get on with your two Delightful Assistants. What a nice thought, your happiness at your mum coming to visit you at work. I suppose it was a bit more difficult when you were at sea, though!

    And I do recommend the Bistro Moderne breakfasts. (Completely unbiased of me, of course!)

  16. I’m a bit late to the party, I’d meant to comment when I first read this post then got distracted and didn’t get back and now you have another post – I can’t keep up lol! Your son looks well, it was lovely you were able to visit with him while in Edinburgh. Edinburgh is so near yet so far. Its a lovely city though and I’ll keep the bistro in mind for the next time we visit, we never know where to eat in Edinburgh! x

  17. I love, love, love the photo of you! You’re beautiful! (OK, the guys are beautiful, too. But you are shining.)

    • Aw, that’s really kind of you Kathy. It was a very happy moment – I did feeling “shining” with happiness.

  18. what a wonderful and special occasion. lovely photos and those pancakes look pretty scrumptious too with the syrup.

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