Posted by: christinelaennec | June 27, 2014

A crocheted shrug

I learned to crochet just over a year ago, and have just made my first garment!

Summer shrug, in summer weather!

Summer shrug, in summer weather!

The pattern is Spring Fling by Ruth Maddock (be sure to get the updated instructions if you make this!) and I used Debbie Bliss eco baby cotton yarn.  I learned a lot making it – though I had to wing the last two rows as I couldn’t work out what the instructions were telling me to do.

My little helper!

My little helper!

I began this assuming that it would be too small or too big, or fail in some other way – but I didn’t mind giving it a go.  Imagine my amazement when I tried it over my shoulders and it actually FIT!  At this point I decided to make a wee investment.  Instead of using safety pins as stitch markers, I treated myself to these lovely rainbow stitch markers.  Is it just me, or do stitch markers give other people immense satisfaction in the making of something?

Crochet stitchmarkers from Proverbs31 on Etsy.

Crochet stitchmarkers from proverb31projects on Etsy.

So!  Who says an old dog can’t teach herself a few new tricks?!  [Edit:  If you’re on Ravelry, details are here]

Have a good weekend, everyone!



  1. I am really impressed by this, it looks beautiful. I’ve never managed to do crochet – my efforts always curl up when they ought to be flat. It’s odd to be defeated by this, because I’m very comfortable with knitting.
    And the stitch markers are lovely. I haven’t seen those before.
    And Tilly is just beautiful. I hope she is happy and enjoying nice weather.

  2. It’s beautiful, Christine! Have you heard of It’s a wonderful site where knitters and crocheters share ideas. You also get to upload photos of your projects so that others can find inspiration.

    So anyway, good job! xo

    • Hi Stacy, yes I am on Ravelry. My Ravelry username is on my About page, but I’ll add a link to the page at the bottom of this post as well. Ravelry is wonderful!

  3. It’s lovely! I love your fearless approach to making a crochet garment 🙂

  4. That little bolero looks as if it was designed just for you – it’s a perfect fit and has a Christine look about it. I wonder how it would turn out made in a thicker yarn and longer for winter wear to go over a skivvie maybe?

    lol I never think to use safety pine as stitch markers – for me it’s a bit of contrasting wool tied in a knot round the needle that gets moved when I get to that part of the row! Will have to try the SP idea some time
    Take care

  5. Sometimes I think my blogroll does not work. I have missed so many of your posts this month, and just now had the pleasure of catching up. I love your new garden, and Dafter’s dust ruffle, and seeing the baby swans [ so sad about the death of the father], and now seeing the beautiful shrug you have crocheted!

    But I have to say the news I love the most is that Dafter is making such good progress! She looks beautiful as always 🙂

    Wishing you and yours continued blessings.

  6. What a lovely shrug. You have inspired me again. I need to get the fingers moving on something before they stop working altogether.

  7. I have just discovered your blog via Roobeedoo’s–it is a wonderful one and I will browse it–having begun with your family photographs…

    I am writing to say that I use a collection of rings, including my great-grandmothe’s wedding ring, for stitch markers.

  8. Thanks, everyone, for your very kind comments.

    Flora, I couldn’t get the hang of crochet until I went to a workshop where someone sat with us for a few hours and then it clicked. I do find it very relaxing! Tilly is enjoying the nice weather, though her time in the garden is still quite limited. She gets very frightened of the many other cats who visit our garden and who walk past the fences. She’s a bit more relaxed these days though.

    Roobeedoo – thanks! You’re one to talk about being fearless, with your amazing crochet blanket where you’ve learned a new stitch for every row.

    Cathy, I’m nowhere near experienced enough to know how you would alter the gauge for thicker wool – but I’m sure it could be done. Good luck with the safety pins!

    Gracie, thank you for rejoicing with me over the Dafter’s improvement, and for taking the time to read back through recent posts. My favourite way of keeping track of blogs is to bookmark them using the RSS “Subscribe to this Page” bookmark, and choose “Live Bookmark” I think it’s called.

    Lucinda, ha ha! You are such a busy bee that I think you should take up crochet as a way of forcing yourself to sit down for two minutes.

    Erika, welcome! I’m so happy you’ve enjoyed browsing around my blog. It doesn’t have nearly as many posts of things being made as Roobeedoo’s blog does, but as you say there is some variety, including old family photos. What an amazing idea to use actual rings as stitch markers! If I were using precious rings I’d never take my projects out of the house, though!

  9. Hi Christine, I am a little late to the party, I think, but I wanted to say your little shrug turned out lovely! You must be a fast learner to have created this sweet little project on your first attempt at crochet! I am always looking for pretty designs for crochet (there are some real ‘ugs’ out there) and this one is very nice. I do love your stitch markers, too. I might be tempted to keep them on permanently as they are so pretty 🙂 xo Karen

    • Karen, I crocheted a blanket and some doilies before this – but this was the first time I’d made a garment. So don’t be too impressed! I agree about the temptation of keeping the stitch markers attached, they are very pretty.

  10. Love the shrug! The color is lovely. I have never tried crochet although I do have several books on the subject. Maybe this winter…

    • Thanks, Dianne! Good luck taking up crochet. It can be addictive.

  11. Very nice work ~ it looks so cute on you too. Lovely color.

    • Thank you Anne – there are definitely mistakes in it but I think you’d have to look pretty closely to see them! I made it to replace a knitted blue shrug that had seen better days, and I was lucky to find a very similar shade of blue.

  12. really nice. Love the blue colour. How did you find the yarn to work with…I’m looking for something to make a baby blanket for a friend.

    • Plummymummy, I like the yarn because it’s organic, and very soft and pleasant to work with. It can be a bit splitty, though. I don’t mind this and never felt too exasperated. I’m not a swift crocheter, so the times I had to undo a stitch because I’d put the hook through the middle of the yarn didn’t bother me. I hope that answers your question!

      • Thanks that’s great. Will order some of it to try out.

  13. Its beautiful Christine and you look good in it. Love that color.

  14. Good job! I always like seeing personal pictures of blogging friends & their families.

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