Posted by: christinelaennec | July 16, 2014

Hopeful stripy shawl

In the first winter of the Dafter’s illness, I made a Hopeful Stripy Cardigan.  The pattern for the cardigan is “Wentworth” by Kaffe Fassett, that genius designer of colours.  I had been buying the expensive wool for the cardigan for over a year, one or two balls a month, and I loved both making the cardigan and wearing it.

This past winter, looking at all the leftover yarn from my cardigan, I thought I would use the same colourway but make a triangular shawl.  Having discovered Russian seams, I was able to weave every end in as I went.  It has been the most soothing knitting project I think I’ve ever done.

Here is the result:

Hopeful stripey shawl

Hopeful stripy shawl

I increased every other row at the bottom, but then sometimes by two stitches per row as I neared the top of the shawl.  And I attached a band and ties to the top, as I knew I wanted to be able to tie the shawl around me to keep my hands free.

Hopeful stripey shawl

Hopeful stripey shawl

As with my cardigan, I love feeling the soft colourful stripes around me:

Hopeful stripey shawl - tied

Hopeful stripey shawl – tied

This project was not without its moment, however. The first time around, I realised once I’d blocked the shawl that I had miscalculated the increases for the top 10″ or so of the shawl.  Out came the scissors!

Painful design modification using scissors!

Painful design modification using scissors!

I could see where I’d gone wrong, so I picked up the stitches and continued on my way.  Once I’d decided what needed to be done, I didn’t mind this, and was actually happy to have more to knit.  For those of you on Ravelry, the details (such as they are) are here.

I still have the chopped off piece of soft stripes, and I have plans for that.  I also want to try another stripy shawl – seeing as I still have Kidsilk Haze wool left over.  But on my next stripy shawl, I want to try increasing every row, and doing my own stripe design.  That will need to wait a while, though, as I have lots of other projects waiting to be knitted / crocheted / finished.  In the meantime, I’m enjoying wrapping myself up in hopeful stripes.

I hope you’re all having a good week!



  1. Very pretty.

  2. your shawl is beautiful. it looks so soft and comfortable. I am intrigued by these Russian seams. I am forever having to go back and sew the ends of wool into the finished article. I also like the picture of your living room. You have made a lovely home.

  3. How pretty – I love the soft colors. The yarn looks very light and airy and I like how you have it tied. I can imagine how brave you must be to take out the scissors after all your hard work! xo Karen

  4. It really is a big ‘un! And I still can’t believe you just took your scissors to it! Beautiful!

  5. I really do love those colors together. You look great in them.

  6. It’s beautiful, Christine. You know, I really don’t mind knitting mistakes. As you said, it makes the project last, plus I find that I learn something when I have to unravel or redo. xo

  7. Lovely shawl and I love Tilly’s relaxed pose there, she’s enjoying looking on.

  8. It’s just beautiful!!! I like how it’s light, great for fall weather. I’m interested how you did the ties. You should write a pattern for your next shawl! I can’t believe you took the scissors to it ~ that’s very brave!!
    Just beautiful! It looks so nice on you. 🙂

  9. Such a delight, you look very pretty in it beautiful colours. I am not sure I would have been able to put scissors to it, that really was brave. Hope the dafter continues to improve.

  10. I love how the shawl fits and the soft, gorgeous colors. Just lovely.

  11. This looks so lovely, Christine. I like that it was called Hopeful. And looking at it just makes me feel peaceful.

  12. Thank you very much, everyone. You know, when you realise that the only way to make something into what you’d imagined is to slice a piece off and continue differently, it’s not so hard. In these instances (this wasn’t the first and probably won’t be the last) I know that whatever the problem is will bug me forevermore if left – and that therefore I will ruin the whole thing by never using or wearing what I’m making. So I literally have nothing to lose!

    It is a very light shawl, but also quite warm.

  13. It would never enter my head to take scissors to some knitting! You are a brave woman lol. The shawl is stunning and looks so soft and comfortable. I’m pretty sure you could give Kaffe Fassett a run for his money if you went into designing. Gorgeous! x

    • marksgran, the sequence of the colours is just the same as for the cardigan, so Kaffe Fassett gets credit for the hardest part of designing this shawl! But perhaps I will be brave next time and try my hand at arranging the colours.

  14. I love your shawl!!! And since I’ve seen the cardigan in person I can imagine what a delight this shawl is to wear! Such a good idea to make this! I can’t believe you had to cut it….can’t believe you still have more leftovers!

    • Heather, if I make one more shawl, and if my cunning plan for the cut-off bit succeeds, then I will really have justified the expense of the wool to make the original cardigan!

  15. hello
    the shawl is the colours,perfect for a lovely autumn day!

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