Posted by: christinelaennec | November 1, 2014

A bouquet for November

Happy All Saints Day and the start of November.  We had lots of “guisers” at the door last night.  (The word “guiser” and “guising” comes from “disguise”.)  There were some fab costumes and some truly terrible jokes.  Michael’s favourite joke was: Q:  What do you call John Wayne’s kids?  A:  The Waynes.  We also had a few songs sung, and our 7-year-old neighbour sweetly recited some Halloween poems for her treats.  I like the Scottish tradition of performing a turn before you get your sweetie.

I have been putting the garden to bed.  If the city council were so kind as to do garden waste recycling throughout the winter, I would have left a lot more in the ground, because it’s been so very mild that a lot of my bedding plants are still going strong. I’ve also planted hundreds of bulbs.  In Aberdeen (where I had a lot more garden space) I think I planted hundreds of bulbs every year, and there always seemed to be room for more.  We shall see what happens in my Glasgow garden.

End-of-summer gift to me from the garden.

End-of-summer gift to me from the garden.

Day before yesterday I picked a lovely, scented bouquet.  Even though I cleared them nearly all away, Roobeedoo‘s marigolds are still blooming, and optimistically sending up new shoots for next year.  I’ve collected their seeds as well.  As you see, my roses are still blooming, as they so often do, even until close to Christmas.  In my bouquet you see Claire Austin (white) and Boscobel (pink).  I love the delicate astrantia, which have done well to establish themselves in their first year, and also I do really wish you could smell the carnations – they have a delicate clove scent.

It’s a beautiful sunny day, after a very gloomy and windy week.  I think Michael and I shall venture out on our bikes.

Be sure to come visit again on Wednesday November 5th, as I’m going to be doing a wee giveaway!



  1. Weird weather. I had a pot of hyacinth bulbs put outside for when I was ready to plant out in the garden. They just finished flowering for the second time….

  2. Your garden has been amazing for the first year! We turned the furnace on last night and yet somehow we didn’t get the hard frost that was certainly predicted. I may get another few days out of the French marigolds and mums. I went out Friday to pick a HUGE bouquet of everything left. It is unusual to be able to go this long with everything blooming (no frost).

  3. your posy is beautiful. I love roses.

  4. Beautiful posy, the weather has been so mild for the time of year I have also planted loads of bulbs for the spring with hope that we will sell our house and won’t see them.

  5. First frost in KY last night and the cosmos and zinnias took a bad hit. There may be a few more buds on the Knock-Out roses–the final flowers of the year are so cherished.

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