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503rd blog post giveaway

Dear Readers,

I was very fond of you before recent events, and I have even more cause to be grateful for all your kindness now!

Towards the end of the summer, I realised that at some point I would (amazingly) hit the 500 post mark.  So I decided I wanted to do a giveaway, of something I had made myself.

I don’t know if you recall that, in the process of making my Hopeful Stripy Shawl, I had to get the scissors out and slice a bit of it off?

Painful design modification using scissors!

Painful design modification using scissors!

I finished the shawl (posted about here) and got an idea about the stripy slice that I had inadvertently created.  I had more purple sparkly wool and so put it back on the needles and made a border for it, resulting in this:

hopeful stripy scarf draped on me

Hopeful Stripy Scarf draped on me

Here is a better view of it:

hopeful stripy scarf draped on a chair

Hopeful Stripy Scarf draped on a chair

It’s made of Rowan’s Kidsilk Haze, a 70% mohair  / 30% silk yarn which is light, not scratchy (for me, anyway), and surprisingly warm.  The colour sequence of the stripes is from Kaffe Fassett’s Wentworth cardigan pattern.

As things have turned out, the giveaway isn’t perfectly timed with my 500th post, but hey that’s life…

If you’d like a chance of winning my Hopeful Stripy Scarf, please leave a comment.  I shall pull a name out of the bowl (quite possibly with the Dafter’s assistance) on Tuesday, December 2nd, at 8 pm GMT.  I’m happy to ship worldwide.  Who knows, you might have a warm, colourful and hopeful scarf to put under your Christmas tree for yourself or a loved one!

Wishing all my American friends a very good Thanksgiving if I don’t see you before then.



  1. WOW what a beautiful give away Christine, that scarf is amazing ! Are you realy sure you want that to give away?
    I would love to take part in this give away because I realy like scarfs, you can’t have enough 😉

  2. Wow, what a generous give away! I’d love to win this gorgeous scarf! I was so pleased to read that your trip to America had included the support of such a special friend xx

  3. I have enjoyed reading your posts for the past year or so. I love all the pictures of places I would love to visit. I was sorry to hear of your Fathers passing – but your impression of your visit to say good-bye were so interesting and real friends are priceless. Thanks again for sharing your life with us. Please enter my name in your drawing.

  4. Oh yes I do need to sign up for this!!! Especially because I am still marveling at the cardigan you made that I got to see in person. Someday I have to figure out how this “cutting” of knitting works…

  5. That looks lovely!
    Please put me in the draw.
    Thanks again for your musings.

  6. Having seen what a beautiful knitter you are I would love a chance to own one of your gorgeous creations so I will throw my hat in the ring and keep my fingers and toes crossed 😀 x

  7. What a lovely modification Christine! It looks beautiful and I love the sparkly Kid Silk Haze Eclipse (one of the many yarns I try to resist buying from the shop where I work!). I’m glad your trip back to America went well. x

  8. What a gorgeous scarf….. thank you for a chance in the drawing and thank you for a wonderful blog. I have been following it for quite sometime 😘.

  9. Wow! what a beautiful scarf, please enter my name in the draw. You are a very talented knitter and obviously very patient in picking up all the stitches from the piece you cut off. it is truly lovely, glad you are back home safe and sound
    Susan x

  10. It’s wonderful!! I love the colors and style! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  11. oh, I love your scarf! How clever to sort it out with a bit of extra wool and it looks fabulous. Happy American Thanksgiving to you all! and please put my name in the draw for your scarf. 🙂

  12. You are a wonderful knitter, and I love to read your blog about Scotland.

  13. Gorgeous. Count me in.

  14. I love your Stripy Shawl, and still hoping you come up with the pattern.☺
    I ‘d love a chance to win a part of it! What a wonderful idea making the scarf!

  15. Christine, I remember reading that you CUT your shawl…terrifying…and then picked up stitches…miraculous!!! That you made a scarf from what you cut off boggles my mind! I admire the beautiful scarf you made as well as your ability to make it, and would enjoy treasuring it should I be chosen to own it 🙂 Thanks for celebrating your 500+ posts with such a lovely giveaway! xx

  16. Dear Christine,
    thank you for visiting my blog and your so kind comment!
    So kind of you, to do this wonderful Give Away, this shawl looks wonderful and it seems to be so warm and cozy :O)
    So, good luck to us all :O)
    And a wonderful day and week for you!
    I am so glaf I found your Blog and It always is so lovely to visit you here!
    With Love and hugs

  17. Wow, what a beautiful scarf, I would love to be entered into the draw.

  18. How inventive! I wonder where you get the time to create all of these lovely things. I was wondering whether you made that aran cardigan you are wearing too? All the best, Judy.

  19. Wow, what talent, Christine! My young grandson would say, in a footballing context, “great save!” You are so generous and I’d love the chance to enjoy such a beautiful scarf. I’m sorry about your father and all the burdens you have had to bear but isn’t it a truth that the more you give the more you receive? With best wishes to you and your family and Happy Thanksgiving.

  20. Gosh! A chance to win a hand knitted garment! I never ever win things, so don’t hold out much hope! Just to say who ever wins it will own a very pretty and creative cosy and warm scarf. It’s beautiful. Well done Christine! And good luck to everybody!

  21. Absolutely gorgeous! Please enter me into the drawing.

  22. a lovely scarf! Please enter me too.

  23. What a beautiful scarf, and such a clever, generous idea! A shawl for you, and a sister scarf for gifting 🙂 You and your blog just radiate warmth, thank you. Happy Thanksgiving!

  24. Dear Christine and family

    Firstly My thoughts and prayers are with you and your during this time. I’m leaving note to say what a beautiful scarf and it just shows that the deliberate error LOL in your first project ( shawl ) will delight and bring pleasure to who ever wins it. The colours are my favourite and the design is very becoming and will keep the lucky person cosy over the winter.


  25. Beautiful scarf. I would love to own and wear it!l

  26. Thank you, Christine, for your generous draw prize. Sign me up.

  27. ooh it looks lovely!! thanks for the giveaway x

  28. What a beautiful scarf in the colors I love! Thank you so much for thinking of us and giving it away. You look lovely modeling and have a sweet smile. I know I would be able to wear it when it’s nippy here or when we travel North! What a sweet lady you are. Warm hugs from Florida, Diane

  29. It’s beautiful! How scary to cut in such a wonderful piece, it feels like something against nature. But obviously it turned out great!
    503th posts? Wow!! Congrats!

  30. Beautiful work, looks so soft and comforting. I am impressed by the fct you were able to cut that material. I do viking reenactment and am meant to make costumes for tht but need moral support to just cut the linen and wool. Also a very generous giveaway.

  31. I’ve been reading your blog for about two years and always enjoy your posts and your photos. Being an armchair traveler and knitter your blog offers the perfect combination to enjoy over a hot cup of coffee in my favorite chair. It’s actually on the top of my list in the Scotland folder which contains a variety of blogs all located in Scotland. My great grandmother was born in Dundee and sailed alone to NYC when she was only 15 so I’m learning about her homeland too.

  32. Beautiful like its creator. Love to you all including Tilly of course, and you are safely back.x

  33. How lovely! It is really beautiful, pretty colors and lovely to see you wearing it. Thank you for letting me know about your giveaway and yes please, I would enjoy being entered.

  34. Please sign me up….what a lovely scarf!

  35. What a beautiful gift to give away.! You are so generous, not only with your giveaways but also with your words and thoughts. Good luck to all who enter.

  36. I am a new reader, popped over from Quiet Home. I haven’t earned the right to enter your drawing by months of support, but there is so much yarny goodness I can’t resist. Please put my name in!

  37. Congratulations on your 500th post! I just wanted to say I love your scarf. Please don’t enter me in the giveaway as I live in the subtropics and will never be able to wear it but oh it’s gorgeous!

  38. What a pretty scarf! I’d love to be in the draw with a chance to win it. Although I’ve met Kidsilk Haze before now, I’ve never made anything with it. I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of years now and found you through a link from Roobeedoo’s blog, whom I met in York a few years ago.

  39. What a generous prize. Whoever wins is incredibly lucky!xo

  40. What a lovely idea!

  41. What a lovely scarf, it would match my new winter coat and keep me warm this winter…today at 5 PM it’s -22 C and it’s only November 26 here in Manitoba, Canada. Enjoy your blog very much especially the travelogues…h

  42. The scarf is beautiful Christine! And purples/mauves/lavenders are some of my favourite colours :)).

    Would love to go in the draw!! xx

  43. Truly lovely, the colors compliment each other. The tassels really dress it up.

  44. Gorgeous! And a lovely idea for you to give it away. So glad you had a good Thanksgiving!

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