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Giving Thanks 2014

As the last Thursday in November is an ordinary working day in Britain, we usually celebrate our Thanksgiving meal on the last weekend of the month.  Yesterday was our second Thanksgiving in our new home in Glasgow.  I loved getting everything ready.  I know our preparations will seem childishly simple compared to some of the lavish Thanksgiving table decorations I have seen in blogland!  But I loved ironing a tablecloth and picking a wee bouquet from the last of the garden’s offerings:

Thanksgiving table

Thanksgiving table, 2014

Tilly very much enjoyed having us quietly working around her.  She stayed in her favourite spot by the dining room radiator, napping and listening.  Once the house got a bit louder, she took herself off to the Dafter’s bed upstairs, but every time we or our guests came and went, she appeared at the bottom of the stairs to join in hellos and/or farewells!  She is a very attentive cat that way – she monitors the house’s activities and is like a little feline doorman, even on non-festive days.

Tilly giving thanks for warm radiators

Tilly giving thanks for warm radiators

Our first guest was Our Son, who came through from Edinburgh.  He and Michael cooked our meal, and really enjoyed their time together in the kitchen.  As you may know, Michael loves to cook; Our Son has been working in a restaurant, and Michael said he learned a thing or two from him!

Two cooks

Two cooks

Our second guest was our dear friend T, who came down from Aberdeen.  I have no photos to show you of the meal itself (glazed parsnips were involved) but T took a photo of the four of us together afterwards:

Family photo!

Family photo!  Thanksgiving 2014

I think T first joined us for Thanksgiving 20 years ago, and we have kept up the tradition over the years.  It is a very precious thing to me that we could all five be together around the table to give thanks.  And goodness knows, compared to last year when the Dafter was struggling to get up and down the stairs, we have a great deal to be thankful for.

And there was birthday cake!  Coffee-flavoured cake, made from a recipe given to me by our friend who grew up in this house and lives just a few streets away:

Birthday cake!

Birthday cake!

T was surprised and pleased.  He “doesn’t like a fuss” – but just a gentle fuss is quite nice.

And to finish, two more photos of our amazingly grown-up children:

Our Son

Our Son

The Dafter

The Dafter

We had a lovely day, including a walk in between the meal and desserts (there was also pumpkin pie), and plenty of chances to catch up and chat.   By the end of the day, I had another reason to be very thankful.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! It looks like a lovely and very special day. Bless Tilly, she sounds so sweet and welcoming, a cat really makes a home I think.

  2. Dear Christine,
    what a lovely post! Thank you for sharing, hope you had a lovely and light filles 1.Advent!
    Sending Hugs and Blessings,

  3. I’m glad it was such a good day. And you are all looking great!

  4. What a wonderful celebration. Indeed, lots to be thankrul for…

  5. Indeed we should always give thanks, I do hope that your family time was blessed. Woo xx

  6. So glad for your happy celebration, Christine! Just with those in our household we had 12 around our table, plus one brave soul who joined us 🙂 Most of us had a lovely time, but the next day my son in law found he has double pneumonia, my oldest daughter has asthmatic bronchitis, and one of my little granddaughters, Molly, as a bit of pneumonia as well 😦 At any rate we are all still thankful and aiming to be well! Blessings! xx

    • Gracie, what a shame! Chest troubles are no fun at all. I hope all recover soon. Also, I will attempt to email you regarding an amazing gift!

  7. Really beautiful photos and what a deep thankfulness you must have this year 🙂

  8. Sounds like a delightful holiday. Cake looks yummy and the kids are beautiful and healthy. What more could you want 😊……. a social cat is always nice too.

  9. What lovely photos for you to treasure. I’m glad you had a happy thanksgiving. x

  10. A lovely recap of your Thanksgiving day, Christine, with precious photos to keep the memories. (A beautiful family) Your table setting is very lovely with your pretty doilies and that gorgeous painting over the fireplace. I think I comment on it every time I see it! You have the same dining chairs as I – (mine are painted). Tilly is the perfect greeter – there to say hello and goodbye, then discreetly excusing herself. So good to see you all looking so radiant. xo Karen

  11. Thank you so much, everyone, for your lovely comments. It really was a wonderful occasion, a day out of time, but also one that made me realise that Glasgow is now my and our home.

  12. Love hearing about your Thanksgiving! So glad your whole family and T could be there together! Such a happy smile on the Dafter — we are all rejoicing with you that she has had such an improvement this year! So many reasons for thankfulness!!!!!

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