Posted by: christinelaennec | January 22, 2015

A cold week

It has remained below freezing for the past week in Glasgow, which I think is fairly unusual.  I went to see how the swans in the park were doing:

Frozen pond at the park.  Glasgow January 2015.

Frozen pond at the park. Glasgow January 2015.

A lot of the pond is now frozen solid.  And you can see what the state of many of our pavements are like as well – packed snow and ice.  I counted 13 swans, including the resident mother and four of her young.  They and the ducks and moorhens were mostly all swimming in the unfrozen part of the pond:

Swans on ice.

Swans on ice.

You can just about see in the above photo that the swans were swimming amongst broken plates of ice.  The swan stopping to have a drink is standing on the ice.  It’s a bit difficult to see where the ice ends and open water begins.

We shall see what today brings.  Stay warm, everyone!



  1. I feel my back ache just looking at those sorts of pavements. I slipped and did my back in a few years ago on packed ice like that. Nice to see the swans thriving despite the weather.

    • Oh how I sympathise! I broke my coccyx slipping on ice like this. I was on cross country skis and managed to fall backwards while standing still. Takes some doing…

  2. No chance of slipping on ice here at the moment – might be a few cases of heat exhaustion tho’! Temps are up in the 30cs so we are worried about ponds drying up not freezing over lol
    Seriously tho’ Christine – be careful out there.

  3. Doesn’t sound good with those below freezing temperatures but it looks beautiful, you have captured some lovely photos of the pond and all that lives on it.

  4. Poor things, makes me think of Hans Christian Andersens fairytale of the ugly duckling. The poor thing got stuck in the ice but was rescued. The swans in the costal towns here disappear when the ice sets, must go further out to sea l think. Pam

  5. BBBRRRRRR That looks so cold, keep upright on that ice! xx

  6. It looks, like you have a wodnerful Winter in Glasgow. Wonderful pictures!
    Thank you!
    Have a lovely afternoon,

  7. Oh it looks cold there. It is strange to be having a warmer January here.

  8. Beautiful photos ~ they’re lovely to watch, aren’t they. Stay warm and don’t slip! ♥

  9. A bunch of years ago my husband and some of the children went over to the park to sled down some of the steep hills. (There is a large regional city park right behind our house)They came back and told me some of the ducks were frozen in the ice. We called whoever it was – someone with the Parks Department or maybe an Animal Rescue Organization – and reported this.

    The children were so concerned we drove over later to seek if the ducks had been rescued. It was happening just then. A man in a rowboat slowly made his way out to the ducks, breaking the ice with an oar, I think, until he could get the boat close to the ducks and break the ice around them. He also had some cages to put them in. He took them to the zoo and put them in an enclosed pond until the weather warmed up, then they were returned to their lake.

  10. Looks cold for sure. I was scanning the park behind the ‘swans on ice’ to see if anyone was foolish enough to be out jogging, and I was mystified by something – an object that appears to be a small horse??? It’s too big for a dog, and it doesn’t seem like it would be an object for children play on – just by itself in the middle of the park. Is it a sculpture?

    • oldblack, I was wondering if anyone would be stymied by that! It is a little wooden horse, I think designed for children to sit on. There are a few of them dotted about.

  11. You have captured a beautiful moment in winter’s wonderland.

  12. I’ve been working in Glasgow all week and was surprised to see the amount of snow there is – we have nothing in the city of Edinburgh. The Glaswegian welcome and sense of humour warmed things up, tho!

  13. The ice is so impractical, I am glad the rain washed it all away. It makes walking so much easier 🙂 The park looks nice though, which one is it? So many around the city 🙂

  14. Thanks for all your comments, everyone. We have had a bit of a thaw but the poor postie, who is a lovely, friendly lad, confessed to me this morning that he’d slipped and fallen on the black ice. I asked if he’d hurt himself. “Just my side – I’ll walk it off.” I’m pleased and almost afraid to note that I myself have managed to remain upright while walking – long may that continue!

    Linda – glad you’ve enjoyed a Glaswegian welcome. There is such a distinct difference (overall) between people in the two cities, across that gulf of 40 miles that we’ve talked about before.

  15. Hope you warm up a bit. It has been warm then cold here. It both rained and snowed today.

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