Posted by: christinelaennec | February 24, 2015

Dreaming of summer

Katharine Stewart begins her February 24th essay thus:  “Persistent cold winds, driving flurries of snow, mean that outside work is held up, though the lengthening days tempt everyone to get on with it.”  Certainly here in Glasgow it has not been weather for gardening:


Hailstones at my window. Glasgow, 24 February 2015.

Even Tilly has been reluctant to be outdoors – this photo from last month shows how on edge she often is.  She was hearing a cat in the garden next door:


Tilly on alert

The weather has been stormy and very changeable.  Last Friday I had the afternoon off, and had the chance to walk across Glasgow Green. I really enjoyed the wide open space, and the view of the coming showers:

Storm clouds coming in from the West.  Glasgow, 20 February 2015.

Storm clouds coming in from the West. Glasgow, 20 February 2015.

As I type this, a dark cloud has come over the house, and now the hail is falling thick and fast outside.   It’s the wintertime!  Katharine Stewart thinks of balmier days, and writes:  “It’s good to have the mind stocked with memories like these, as good as having a library, shelves well filled with books and documents which can be consulted at will, when you’re coping with the present or planning for the future.” (49-50)

And that is very true!  One of the delights of gardening is that now is the time to make plans, order seed, clean tools – because in fact, before we know it, it will be time to plant the sweet peas and clear the flower beds for poppies.  And while we are planning, we can take some time to inhabit happy memories of summer:

View from the summerhouse last summer.

View from the summerhouse last summer.

In five months’ time, I will once again (God willing!) be enjoying a wee retreat in the summerhouse, or maybe sitting with a friend at the table.  And I will definitely enjoy my morning jumps once the trampoline is back up!

I hope your week is going well!



  1. Strangest winter weather here this year. Today began with snow, hail, rain, snow, sun and then hail. The cats don’t much like it but get up to no end of mischief inside due to boredom, so out they go. Your garden looks so inviting, wonderful to think that Spring is on it’s way. ~ Pam ~

  2. Haha. I was wondering who availed themselves of the trampoline! My style would be more sitting with a coffee in the summerhouse, watching other people jumping.

  3. I like that quote about memories, very true. It’s lovely to see the snowdrops and winter aconites, and now the crocuses, starting to pop up. When the daffodils come out I’ll be convinced that summer really is on the way.

  4. I’m ready for spring to spring now. It’s not been a drastic winter like some but it would be nice to feel some heat in the sun and not have to wear quite so many layers of clothes again. I envy your trampoline, I used to love jumping on one but nowadays I’d probably put something out doing it! My daffodils are almost in flower and my crocus look lovely now and I see my Forsythia is brimming with buds so there’s hope yet. x

  5. The summer house is just the best thing ever! I can’t wait for you to use it so you can take another picture or two. 🙂

  6. Such a lovely garden. Hoping spring joins us all soon.

  7. Thank you all! The trampoline has been a very good way for me and the Dafter to get some exercise, though we are always careful because as you say, marksgran, they can also be dangerous. And yes, the summerhouse! I haven’t done much to decorate it so that remains a possibility for this coming summer.

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