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A lovely afternoon in Pollok Park

Thank you for the kind comments on my St. Columba’s Day post.  It is bedtime and I ought not to be blogging, but I just couldn’t resist showing you what a gorgeous afternoon it was today here in Glasgow.  After so much cold weather, we have been favoured with several days of sun and warmth.  It made the news this evening in fact!  They said the top temperature in Glasgow was 22C/72F but our car said 24C.

The Dafter didn’t have school today, a welcome rest for her.  In the afternoon we visited the enormous Pollok Country Park.  It is so big (361 acres) that, although you are right in the middle of the city, you can’t tell.  We walked along the river that flows behind Pollok House:

The Dafter taking photos of the river.  Pollok Park, Glasgow, 11 June 2015.

The Dafter taking photos of the river. Pollok Park, Glasgow, 11 June 2015.

It was great to see her able to enjoy the cool shade of the trees and the beautiful river, without the wheelchair or the walking stick:

Photographer at work.

Photographer at work.

A weir, Pollok Park, Glasgow.  11 June 2015.

A weir, Pollok Park, Glasgow. 11 June 2015.

Such clear water!

Such clear water!

We both find old graffiti very touching:

Names carved in trees along the path.

Names carved in trees along the path.

Everyone was out enjoying the weather – babies and grannies and all in between:

River running through Pollok Park, just beyond the end of Pollok House garden.  Glasgow, 11 June 2015.

River running through Pollok Park, just beyond the end of Pollok House garden. Glasgow, 11 June 2015.

The house, which belongs to the National Trust for Scotland, was built in 1752:

Pollok House, Pollok Park, Glasgow.  11 June 2015.

Pollok House, Pollok Park, Glasgow. 11 June 2015.

If you walk down these steps, you are just by the river and the bridge.  Beyond lie acres of land:

The Dafter standing on the bridge you see two photos up.

The Dafter standing on the bridge you see two photos up.

Before we left to come home, the Dafter suggested we take a selfie together:

Mother-daughter selfie in front of a wall of clematis.  Pollok House, Pollok Park, Glasgow.  11 June 2015.

Mother-daughter selfie in front of a wall of clematis. Pollok House, Pollok Park, Glasgow. 11 June 2015.

She is still quite pale compared to her weather-beaten old mother, but not as pale as she was when she was mostly bedbound and housebound just over a year ago.  We both reflected on how the silver lining to the cloud of her illness has been the happy times that we get to spend together.  She has a much better balance in her life these days, because she has friends and activities of her own now, but we still enjoy our jaunts and chats together.



  1. Fabulous. So lovely the weather has ‘picked up’ for you. I’m in Harris at the moment and although the weather is a lot cooler than I would have liked it is still a fabulous place to be – as I know you can appreciate😀

  2. What an amazing asset for Glasgow! I see it was part of an estate attached to the house, and owned by the Maxwell family for several centuries. Lucky Maxwells – and kind of them to pass it on to ordinary people.

    But even luckier must be the Glasgow runners who can now enjoy a 5 km parkrun though it. Now that would be something I would enjoy on a sunny 22 degree day!

  3. What a wonderful, heartwarming post you have written. I loved seeing the lovely photos of your outing and the most touching is your beautiful selfie. I am so happy to see the Dafter out and about and smiling. What a lovely photo of you two! Please give my regards to your family. All is well here in Southern California. Today, we had a bit of clouds and some drizzle. I loved it! Hugs, Pat

  4. I’m so glad you had a lovely time together, Christine! It is heartening that you continue to see improvement in Dafter’s health. Interestingly, I just watched a program showing Aberdeen so you were especially in my thoughts today…even though you are in Glasgow now 🙂 Also, I have been reading more in your book, “No Place of my Own” the last two nights. Did I ever tell you that my oldest sister had vacation cabins in Trinity Center, CA, for many years; and my husband and I stayed in one of the cabins there on our honeymoon? It is fun for me to have strong visual memories of some of the locations that mention your ancestors inhabited. Wishing blessings for you and yours.
    P.S. Our temperature was nearly the same as yours today! xx

  5. It was wonderful to see you both out and about, it is so heartening to see the Dafter making such great progress. Whilst the sun has been shining brightly we still have the wind which is forcing the temperatures down. Have a great weekend.

  6. Such a beautiful set of smiles 🙂 Glad to see you could get out and enjoy the amazing weather 🙂

  7. Oh what lovely pictures and how nice that you had some good weather!!! I love Pollok House. Love the picture of you two. It is good to see the Dafter enjoying herself!!!

  8. The paleness of her skin (the Goth look?) is accentuated by the perhaps too red of her lipstick.

    Is there a store near you with a makeup counter? They are always willing to do demonstrations and advise on what suits best. Perhaps a little more colour in her foundation and a toned down lipstick?

    The house and grounds look lovely.

  9. Great pictures!looks like you had a lovely day. Glad your daughter is up and about.

  10. Well, I think if you’re young enough, like my forty-year-old daughter, you can work the bright lipstick look. I think the Dafter is looking great, and I’m so pleased to see her enjoying being out.

  11. Quelle belle promenade en effet et qui semble si loin de la ville ! Quelles belles photos aussi de vous et de votre fille ! J’aime beaucoup le choix de sa robe aux couleurs si éclatantes. Une façon aussi de choisir le courage dont elle fait preuve. J’espère que ces belles journées vont continuer…Ici dans les Alpes du sud,il pleut, il pleut, il pleut, mais nous sommes ravis car c’est plutôt la sêcheresse qui menaçait jusqu’à présent !

  12. I’m glad you were able to get out together and enjoy that magnificent weather. It’s terrific to have big parks like this in cities, and Glasgow is very well off for green spaces in an otherwise pretty urban landscape. Those lions on the pillars are magnificent beasts.

  13. Hello everyone, thank you so much for all your comments! Yes, Pollok Park is really an amazing asset for a big city to have. I hear that, compared with other European cities, Glasgow has one of the highest percentages of land given to green spaces within the city limits. I can see why it is called the “dear green place”.

    Thanks also for rejoicing with me about the Dafter’s improved health. As for paleness, she does often cover up the dark circles under her eyes, but is otherwise happy to sport the kind of retro (1940s/50s?) makeup that the bohemian Glasgow girls favour at the moment. Her dress is a vintage find. For ethical and style reasons she prefers to buy second-hand clothes when possible. It’s interesting to observe her play with looks and find her own style, especially knowing as I do that she lived in yoga trousers and pajamas for about two years.

    mudarissa, I hear that Stornoway has had lovely weather, but Harris has been staying cool. No fair! But as you say it is beautiful in all weathers.

    oldblack, the Maxwells (or Stirling Maxwells as I’ve heard people call them) had quite a family tradition of philanthropy. I wonder if this was a particularly Scottish thing, viz Andrew Carnegie??? Also, my neighbour and her husband used to run in the 5k there, but sadly she now gets migraines whenever she runs so has had to stop.

    Pat, that is good news about rain. The drought in California has been so terrible.

    Gracie, no you never mentioned about Trinity Center, or indeed that you were reading No Place of My Own. I hope you enjoy it. When I was last in California, we went to Weaverville, but at that time I hadn’t yet done the research, so I wasn’t able to appreciate the importance of where I was. I did remember my Granny pointing out to me the place where the graveyard was flooded when they put in Shasta Dam. I recently found out that poor Thomas Diddy died in the infamous Oregon State Hospital, having outlived all his siblings. Prior to being an inmate there, he worked on the poor farm nearby. It makes me nearly cry to think of how people suffered…
    (And: what was the program about Aberdeen?)

    Annie, I agree about the bright colours and the courage she has. I think that choosing to wear bright colours both reflects one’s state of mind and also is a way of giving oneself energy. I’m glad that you, too, have had some badly-needed rain.

    Lorna, yes you can almost hear them roaring!

  14. The Dafter looks like a professional photographer, totally at ease with the tools of her trade.
    Her ‘look’ comes across to me as stylishly retro. Good to see that she’s not making the foundation mistake that some young girls do. The startling orange complexion you see on too many teenagers is not a good look. In fact I hope she avoids foundation for a very long time. She has such a beautiful clear skin. Perhaps that’s my personal bias – I can’t bear the feel of the stuff on my face!

    • Thanks, Linda. Agreed about the orange-skinned girls… I doubt the Dafter will ever wear foundation because like you she hates feeling “clarted” with creams. She is a dab hand with the concealer, though! She has indeed been blessed with beautiful skin – not something she inherited from me.

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