Posted by: christinelaennec | June 29, 2015

A blanket for a wee bairn to come

My yoga teacher is expecting her third child very soon.  When I heard this news, I thought I would try making her a crochet baby blanket.  I don’t normally like working with synthetic yarn, but in the case of a baby, acrylic yarn is a sensible choice.  I’ve always enjoyed looking at Lucy’s blog Attic 24, and I was inspired to order one of her “Lucy Packs” of yarn.

Crochet baby blanket:  The Granny Stripe blanket pattern by Lucy of Attic 24.

Crochet baby blanket: The Granny Stripe blanket pattern by Lucy of Attic 24.

I’m  fairly new to crocheting, and I’ve never made a blanket before either by knitting or crochet, so this was a gentle challenge.  I worked out that I could use half the pack, and have the other half of the yarn for a second blanket, for our little summerhouse or for picnics.  Full details are on Ravelry, here.

I started with a chain of 119; the finished size is about 40" x 40".

The finished size is about 40″ x 40″.

The only thing that was a bit difficult was negotiating the corners of the edging, because you don’t want too much edging and at the same time you have to add stitches so it doesn’t curl up.  I think it’s okay:



I hope she likes it, and I very much hope she and the baby fare well.

And now I am missing this project so much that I may just start crocheting the other blanket!



  1. That is a lovely blanket for a baby, so vibrant!

  2. A very pretty blanket. Good job.

  3. That;s beautiful, well done.

  4. Gorgeous colourful blanket to welcome a new life.

  5. I love the vibrant and happy colors for a baby blanket….. very beautiful and cheerful.

  6. Beautiful!

    I’ve been terrible at keeping up to speed with my usual blog list recently but have just caught up on all your posts. It’s so nice to see ‘the Dafter’ out and about enjoying the sunshine (or what we’ve had of it), and I really enjoyed your post on Glasgow’s Necropolis – a place I’ve visited quite a few times as my (now knocked down) university was just across the road. The views from up there are quite something!

    I hope you’re all able to enjoy your “official” summer now that school has broken up. Fingers crossed for lots of sun, though I’m sure you’ll make the most of whatever comes xo

  7. You did a lovely job crocheting this blanket. And, the edging is so pretty and well done. I’m sure it will be a much cherished gift for the new baby.

  8. This is beautiful. And I love the way you’ve arranged the colours.

  9. Wow! For a beginner in crochet, this is pretty impressive. And with those rainbow colours the child will surely grow up gay, or at least LGBTI-friendly 🙂

    • Now, I hadn’t thought of the rainbow aspect of the blanket, even with the recent Supreme Court ruling! I’m fairly certain that, growing up in this time and place, the child will not really know what all the fuss is about. The younger generation constantly impress me with how egalitarian they are in terms of race, sexuality, gender. Time will tell how things will be in another 20 years!

  10. Just beautiful, Christine, and I love the edging. It’s just perfect!

  11. A beautiful vibrant creation made with love, the edging is wonderful. Such a great gift.

  12. So beautifully made Christine and I’m sure it will be cherished by Mum and child. I like reading Lucy’s blog as she has a wonderful sense of colour.

  13. It is SO lovely! our crochet is wonderfully neat 🙂

    • I tried to add the “y” but too late – YOUR crochet!!

      • Ha ha! It could be “our” in the way that primary school teachers speak: and how is our crochet coming along?

  14. Thanks everyone, for your appreciative comments. I’m feeling much more confident now! My yoga teacher was tickled pink (so to speak) with the blanket, so that’s good. Flora, the arrangement of colours, including the edging, is entirely Lucy Attic 24’s, I just followed her instructions!

  15. Hélas, mon professeur de yoga n’attend pas de bébé….Sinon je me serais mise tout de suite au travail, bien que je préfère (de beaucoup !) tricoter que crocheter ! C’est une belle réussite, bon courage donc pout la seconde couverture. De toute façon, ici, il fait beaucoup trop chaud pour travailler la laine 35° C, au thermomère en ce moment…

  16. That is just gorgeous!!!! I love it. Lucy’s colors are so amazing. Someday I’ll have to make one!

  17. Lucky baby! 🙂 So, you have joined the ranks of the Attic24 gang… fun! xxx

  18. This is so pretty and such interesting colors.

  19. What a gorgeous gift 🙂

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