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Sunshine shawl

First of all, thank you to everyone for your very kind comments about my last post!  They meant a lot to me.

And now for more knitting, and weather chat.  Our summer has continued to be cool, even for Scotland.  Mostly we’ve had temperatures between 8 and 16C / in the 50s F.  Two nights ago, it got down 2C / 36F in Tyndrum, in the Highlands.  That same night, Edinburgh had the lowest July temperature ever recorded in Scotland.  And as I write, it is raining…  So it’s just as well that I can have sunshine in knitted form!

Sunshine shawl (Love in a Mist by Boo Knits, using Silky Baby Alpaca sock yarn by Abstract Cat.

Sunshine shawl, photographed in a rare sunny interval.  (The pattern is Love in a Mist by Boo Knits, using Silky Baby Alpaca sock yarn by Abstract Cat).

In the above photo, you can just about see that it has small beads incorporated into the lace border.  (The neighbours must wonder why I occasionally come tearing out of the house, throw knitted garments onto the rose bushes, and start taking photos…)

Sunshine shawl over the clothesline.

Sunshine shawl over the clothesline, on one of our many dull days this summer.

Michael took a photo of me modelling it on Sunday afternoon, when the weather was pretty nice:

Worn with my Sunday-go-to-Meetin' clothes.

Worn with my Sunday-go-to-Meetin’ clothes.

Full details, if you’re interested, are on Ravelry here.

It was a fun project to make, and once again I say:  thank goodness for knitting!  I hope you are all having a very enjoyable weekend.



  1. What a beautiful cheerful shawl, a knitted protest to a cold Summer :). A cold Summer it is here too. We grilled today but had to wrap up in blankets and jackets. My boys continue to go swimming and refuse to aknowledge the cold July water. I stay on land, and will continue to do so until water temperature passes 20C. Blessings, from Pam in Norway

  2. Beautiful shawl! Wish I had a little of your cool weather about now. 🙂

  3. Une très belle couleur et un bien joli modèle, le tout si ben assorti avec a jupe et le T-shirt ! Ici pas de châle à mettre….nous cherchons l’ombre, mais l’été dernier était tout à fait différent. Courage donc, cela va certainement s’améliorer cette année…ou la prochaine ! Très bonne semaine Christine !

  4. We had a mini heat wave but we are now back to cool and gloomy. The shawl is beautiful, loth both the pattern and the yarn, a real summer addition.

  5. What a lovely photograph of you and your shawl-also Nice to see the photographer reflected in the glass. Hope you are still on track for your holidays and as we caravanners are often heard to say-” no bad weather only inappropriate clothing”. Love to the Dafter and hope she is looking forward togoing away.

  6. You model a beautiful shawl well. I do love sunny colours, particularly when the predominant colour outside is grey. Have a lovely Sunday. x

  7. Your sunshine shawl is beautiful and just the thing to brighten our gloomy weather. As i said to my daughter who is currently in Dubai, it’s not raining constantly and it’s not exactly cold but it’s not nice and summery like it should be! It’s just not settling and drying up which is disappointing and will make for a very long winter if things don’t improve soon. However, there’s nothing we can do I suppose except have lovely summery colours around us and your shawl is just the job!! x

  8. Your pretty shawl makes me want to improve on my knitting!! xx

  9. I love the Summery colours! So pretty 🙂

  10. Sunshine in a skein and now a shawl. Beautiful!
    I was in process of deleting a mistakenly released post and realized I deleted your kind comment. Thank you!

  11. What a lovely photograph. I would be intrigued to see a post about your house, it looks beautiful from what I can see! I’ve nominated you for The Liebster Award xx

  12. What is going on with the weather? Come back, summer. The shawl is beautiful, it reminds me of sweeties. Do you know the wee chewy sweets called Fruit Salad? Your shawl makes me think of the wrappers. A lovely shot of you modelling it, too.

  13. Thank you everyone! Today has been a lovely summer’s day, with temperatures “boiling” at about 72F/20C. I hope those of you in truly hot weather are getting some respite, those of you who need rain have had some, and the rest of us having a chilly summer get some more warm days.

    Annie, c’est un chandail – le t-shirt est en-dessous!

    Catriona, sharp eyes! I was wondering if anyone would notice Michael crouching down.

    Constance, no worries!

    Emma, thank you very much. It might take me a while to step up to the podium, but I will do so. As for the house, there is a post about it here:

    Lorna, no I don’t know Fruit Salad sweets, but I shall keep an eye out for them now!

  14. Hi Christine,

    I hope you are well, and that the Dafter is recovering.
    I have followed your blog for some time. though I rarely comment, so when I came across the book Crofts and Crofting by Katharine Stewart, I thought of you immediately.
    I bought it in a charity sale a few years ago and it disappeared into the ‘waiting to be read’ pile – but the pile has to go!
    If it appeals to you, or you know someone it would appeal to, I would be only too happy to send it to a good home.

    Love and prayers,

    • .

    • Beacee, that is such a kind and generous thought! Are you in the UK? I would gladly accept, as long as you can post it cheaply. You can email me directly at

  15. oh I love your shawl!! I’ve just come back from a wool show!

    • Ah yes, wool shows – this skein was purchased at the Glasgow School of Yarn, it was in the sale bin can you believe it?!

  16. It is SO lovely! What a breath of sunlight! And I do so love your outfit in the photo 🙂

    • Oh thank you Roobeedoo. High praise, coming from you! The cardigan is me-made and the skirt was found in a charity shop in Morningside. 🙂 I think we have to manufacture our own sunshine this summer…

  17. Loved your article on the valley, Christine. Very beautifully written. I hope that, even in the face of a dip now and then, you and Isabel continue to walk through the valley until it finally opens up. It will.

    As for the shawl, it’s a breath of fresh air! My next project is a shawl also – beaded, and very ambitious for me, so I’m not going to start until things are quiet again – maybe in the fall. XO

    • Thank you so much, Stacy. I do feel the valley will fully open up someday. And in the meantime, it isn’t such a bad valley to be traversing. I look forwards to seeing your shawl project. Fall is an excellent time to start a new knitting project (especially if you own a daylight lamp or lightbulb).

  18. You are being hugged by wonderful sunshine when you wear your beautiful new shawl. 🙂 xx

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