Posted by: christinelaennec | August 9, 2015

Floral blow-out!

We are not long back from a fantastic week on the Isle of Harris.  The Dafter was able to come with us, as well as Gay, and we all had a great time.  I will show you some photos once I get them – and the laundry – sorted out.  A few days before we left on holiday, the sun came out for a few hours in the morning.  It was incredible – and warm too!  About 18C/ high 60sF for a while.  I made the most of it in the garden.  The poppies have continued to bloom, both pink frills and purple ones:

Poppies! end of July 2015.

Poppies! end of July 2015.

The “Angel’s Choir” poppies are also blossoming, growing up through the Boscobel rose and the nigellas, which aren’t yet flowering:

"Angels Choir" poppies (with nigella not yet in flower).

“Angels Choir” poppies (with nigella not yet in flower).

Over by the summerhouse, the Crocosmia Lucifer is adding a splash of colour:

Crocosmia "Lucifer" by the birch-bark cherry; a low-growing daisy plant.

Crocosmia “Lucifer” by the birch-bark cherry.

All of it was so beautiful in the sun, so heady, that I went a bit wild and made three bouquets for the house:

Bringing the garden into the house!

Bringing the garden into the house!  Roses, sweet peas, carnations, marigolds.  So beautifully scented and enjoyable.  (Volunteer daisy plant in the background.)

I was very glad that I had done so, because by lunchtime the temperature had dropped back into the 50s, it was pouring again, and I had two sweaters, a shawl, and wool socks on.

Despite all the rain, the hydrangea in the front garden is giving us some lovely blossoms:

Lovely lacecap hydrangea in the front garden.  End of July 2015, Glasgow.

Lovely lacecap hydrangea in the front garden. End of July 2015, Glasgow.

The bees really love this plant.  It might provide me with flowers for the house during the winter – I remember my mother drying hydrangea and making bouquets from the dried blossoms.  Of course she had a dry basement to hang them upside down in, but perhaps I could find a way to do so here.  Hmm, I must give that some thought!  If you have tips on drying hydrangeas, please let me know.

Happy August to you all!  I hope you are making the most of your summer (for those fellow Northern Hemisphere dwellers), regardless of the weather.



  1. Beautiful flowers. Lovely post.

  2. I’m so glad you are having happy days, Christine! I am, too 🙂 I am in Burbank, CA, visiting family and friends. Thanks for sharing your fantastic photo bouquet of flowers! XX

  3. These brief spells of summer sunshine bring such joy. We (in Scotland) may be feeling that we’ve not had a proper summer but the gardens have been so colourful. I love your vases of flowers for the house. Re hydrangeas: I just cut them and bring them into the house and let them dry naturally. I don’t do anything to them. They do get a wee bit dusty after a while and the colour will slowly fade but I love them anyway.

  4. your flowers are beautiful. you inspire me to make more of my garden! love your colorful and fun bouquets for the house.

  5. I’m delighted that you have all had a good time on Harris. And your garden is looking so lush! We came back from a couple of wet weeks in Scotland to find our Oxford garden was like a desert, and quite a few plants have just given up and died. It’s a pity you can’t send us some water!

  6. Looking forward to hearing all about your visit to Harris, so glad the Dafter was able to go with you all. Your garden is looking delightful and the bouquets for the house a re beautiful.

  7. Beautiful! I love poppies (especially Iceland poppies with their delicate and simple flowers). Sweet peas, too, are one of my favourite flowers. My parents used to grown them both but, sadly, sweet peas and poppies are not seen so much in Sydney these days (and are never seen in my garden – I’m too lazy). Your garden looks very bright and uplifting.

  8. Such a ‘Scottish-summer-of-2015′ thing to be overjoyed about a couple of hours’ sun and temperatures of 18 degrees! Your garden is looking lovely in the rain. Great title for a post. Looking forward to seeing Harris. My mother used to dry helichrysum, which just seemed to involve hanging them upside down in the garage.

  9. I agree with Phnip. I just cut, bring in, let them dry themselves. I reckon they last the year, then repeat.

  10. Greetings Christine. Your garden is so lovely in the summer sunlight. I wish my garden looked like yours. Lots of people here in southern California are switching to drought tolerant plants due to the water shortage. I too dry my hydrangeas inside. I just planted a new one and I hope it will take off and be big and beautiful like the one in you garden. Have a great day 🙂 Pat xx

  11. Beautiful hydrangeas….

  12. The garden is just beautiful!

  13. I ‘m happy to know you spent a wonderfull week in the Isle of Harris and that your daughter was well. Your garden is a marvel. For the hydrangea I Think you have to hang them on a string, heads down. No hydrangea here, it’s to dry…

  14. Thank you everyone, for enjoying the garden with me, and for your suggestions about drying hydrangeas. Perhaps I will try both methods and compare!

  15. Good idea to bring them indoors. Every fall, I bring in hydrangea and let them dry, then stick them in both indoor and outdoor arrangements. Best way I have found to dry them without the petals going droopy – put a small amount of water in the vase and let it gradually dry out.

    This summer, for the first time ever, I am ‘pressing’ Queen Anne’s Lace heads between the pages of magazines, and hoping I can use them on my Christmas tree as decorations. I’m sure this isn’t the way to do it, but what the heck – I’ll learn.

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