Posted by: christinelaennec | March 18, 2016

The Spring Chop

Today I got my spring chop.  Here is me yesterday:

16 March 2016.

16 March 2016.

And here is me this evening:

17 March 2016, wearing my specs.

17 March 2016, wearing my specs and under the kitchen lights.

It’s a nice feeling to have the weight and the warmth of longer hair taken off, at this time of year.

As I’ve gotten older, my hair has gotten wavier.  I take after my mother in this respect, though my hair isn’t as curly as hers.  I remember meeting her at the airport when she was about 70 and saying, “You got a perm!”  She was (understandably) very miffed at this suggestion, as her tight curls were completely natural.  I don’t think anyone will be fooled into thinking I’ve had anything done to my hair, but that is just fine with me.  Five years ago, I wrote a post about how I enjoy my grey hair.  In Scotland (more in Aberdeen than in Glasgow) it’s unusual for women not to dye their hair.  So this is my little form of rebellion.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



  1. Oh what a lovely cut. And love that you feel comfortable to not dye your hair. I just did mine and now wish I had left it alone, perhaps no more for me. Enjoy!!

  2. Happy St Patrick’s Day to you, my friend. A very nice hair cut!

  3. Looking at the second photo there’s no doubting Dafter’s heritage – definitely your daughter!
    You look more carefree without the weight – I’m off for a ‘light trim’ tomorrow, not quite as much as you, but it’ll be shorter just the same.

  4. You look so lovely, you and your girl both have that lovely smile! It is very unusual not to dye one’s hair here also, but I don’t care, and am letting it turn grey :). Blessings to you and your lovely family, Pam in Norway

  5. You look beautiful and I love your hair colour. Two of my sons’hair got curly in their teens.

  6. A great cut, the shorter version certainly suits your face. I am actually growing my colour out and finally going ‘au naturel’! I have had to go ultra short in the process but it will soon grow. Take care.

  7. You look fab, freshly shorn 🙂
    It has never occurred to me to dye my hair “properly” – I have only ever given it mad streaks of purple or blue for fun. There are a few women in my workplace with striking, nay STUNNING, grey hair and I sincerely hope mine looks as good as their’s one day.

  8. Your hair looks lovely, long or short! I like both. I don’t dye my hair either, and my husband says I have “Wisdom Highlights”! I’m a lot more silver now than you are, and the length is somewhere in between your long and short. 🙂 I like that…”form of rebellion”! Actually, here in the States, grey is becoming very popular, and women are actually dying their hair grey. I like the rebellion sound of it best. LOL
    Have a great weekend! ♥

  9. I do like your hair. It’s interesting that you see a difference between Aberdeen and Glasgow over hair colouring. Maybe I’ve said before, one of my daughters, in Edinburgh, has given up on colouring hers, and I think her grey hair looks very good. I see lots of women with grey hair in Oxford.

  10. Well done! I have been thinking the last few weeks that it is time for me to trim my hair, too. I am still enjoying the natural graying/whitening of my hair and find it rather fascinating to see how it changes. At any rate it is far better than living with the not-to-turn-your-hair-orange rinse I once tried that made my hair decidedly orange to me and took f.o.r.e.v.e.r to rinse out 🙂 Mercy! xx

  11. A delightful outcome. It’s a wonderful feeling to get a good chop. I like your hair both ways but going by the photos you prefer the shorter version. Good on you for embracing the grey. 🙂

  12. Looking beautiful ! I’m getting ready to do the same.

  13. I still dye my hair at home but I keep threatening to leave it until it starts to grow out and I always relent! One day! x

  14. Pretty pics! I think both styles look good on you, and yay for grey, I say! (almost a poem there!) I’m blogging again, if you want to pop over! 🙂 Enjoyed reading your update of the Dafter, and left a comment there. Well done Dafter, you are a trooper! xx

  15. Hello Christine, I’m a new follower and found you through Roo’s blog. I’m a quilter, and very small time knitter, (squares, blankets are the limit!) I think your hair looks very pretty, I just had a chop like yours myself but I’m gearing up to letting the grey through – your post has encouraged me. Looking forward to following, your writing is lovely, just like Roo’s.

  16. Mine is grey too, but the reverse of yours with most being white and just a few dark hairs :)). I’ve had it very short, and had to what for it to grow enough for a perm…on Thursday!! xx

  17. Like the “Spring” chop. I tend to only have my hair cut once a year so can appreciate what you mean about the lighter feel. And am a grey bod too – years of watching my mother dye her hair put me off having to do the same – would much rather spend the money on crafting supplies.

  18. Nice! I do like that feeling of having a weight off 🙂 My mother used to always dye her hair, until a couple of years ago when she decided she’d had enough. Now she and my dad sport fully grey matching hair, and they look lovely 🙂
    I used to dye my hair too, not to hide grey but to have more interesting colour and highlights. But I find it a real faff, and expensive, so I can’t be bothered to anymore either. Now I like seeing ‘wisdom’ streaks coming along 🙂 Hurray for naturally grey women becoming a normal thing! 🙂

  19. Bravo pour cette nouvelle coiffure qui vous va très bien. C’est si agréable, lorsque le printemps arrive de se sentir allégée. J’ai fait comme vous il y a une semaine, et comme vous porte mes cheveux gris sans complexes. Oui, nous n’avons plus vingt ans (et moi encore moins que vous !) et comme vous le dite dans “Grey”, ils sont également la marque des obstacles franchis. Je vois que nous partageons les mêmes réflexions sur les “poils” de toute sorte : cela m’a fait rire !

  20. I think it’s terrific you don’t dye your hair! Happy Spring Chop!!! Just hopping by quickly to say hello and Happy Easter before I start the prep for our celebration tomorrow — first off will be Hot Cross Buns. 🙂 Thinking of you all often!!!

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