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Nearing the end of July, already

How time flies!  I can’t believe it’s almost the end of July.  This summer has been fairly hard work for the Dafter, and thus for me, but it’s been a good summer.  Once she got past her exams and the prom, the Dafter (predictably) had a bit of a relapse with her ME/CFS, but to my relief she has worked steadily to find the right balance between rest and effort, and she is just about back to where she was in the spring.  Without a structure or regular way of seeing people, life has been very unpredictable, and that is an extra challenge.  But she has managed very well.

The weather has been equally unpredictable.  We had thunder and lightning a few weeks ago:

Thunderstorms, Glasgow, July 2016.

Thunderstorms, Glasgow, July 2016.

And we’ve had many heavy downpours.  The photo below looks as if it was taken through a window, but was just taken from the open doorway:

Downpours, July 2016.

Downpours, July 2016.

The garden has been going great guns:

The garden, July 2016.

The garden after the rain, July 2016.

Tilly has been spending quite a bit of time in the garden, even in the rain.  Here she is looking like the typical disgruntled wet cat – but out of choice, I should add!

Tilly after the rain - by the fire.

Tilly after the rain – drying off by the fire.

On a few occasions she’s come into the summerhouse with me, just to be outside, but under shelter.

A good vantage point for watching pigeons next door.

A good vantage point for watching pigeons next door.

She is very good company!

We have also had some sunny days, and on one of them I managed to get Michael to take some time off work and come on the bus tour of Glasgow!  It really is a beautiful city, and fun to see from the top of a bus.  We learned a lot about its history.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery, University of Glasgow, bowling greens.  July 2016.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery, University of Glasgow, bowling greens. July 2016.

The first big bouquet of sweet peas this summer – I just love that blue!

Sweet peas, July 2016.

Sweet peas, July 2016.

My knitting has continued.  I decided to slice the neck steek part-way up, so I could see whether the sleeves were going to be the right length:

Good thing steeks don't come undone!  Trying on the Oregon cardigan to check sleeve length.

Good thing steeks don’t come undone! Trying on the Oregon cardigan to check sleeve length.

Luckily, I think they are going to be just fine!

And here is a bouquet that the Dafter is taking to a friend:

Bouquet from the garden, July 2016.

Bouquet from the garden, July 2016.

The Dafter has been volunteering at a charity shop again, and has been going for some yoga / strength training with a very talented young woman.  The problem of building up strength without worsening the fatigue is a tricky one for sufferers of ME/CFS, but this teacher (who herself suffers from chronic illness) has been very creative in trying different ways of exercising.  The Dafter has this year been suffering badly from hay fever, and great dizziness as a result of congestion in her ears.  Her teacher has thus been devising ways for her to build strength using floor exercises.  I so much appreciate people who are positive and creative!

The Dafter has continued to paint and draw, play with her rats, see friends as much as she can.  She and I have, over the past six weeks, been doing a steady sort-through of her bedroom.  We also decided to get out her doll’s house, (click on the link to read about its history), just to make sure it wasn’t mouldering in the shed.  It’s such a big doll’s house, there isn’t room for it to be set up year-round in our house.  But it has had an airing this summer and we think the dolls have enjoyed it:

The doll's house, 2016.

The doll’s house, summer 2016.

Over the summer I’ve been going up to the church in the mornings to sort through the extensive music catalogue, and to prepare music needed for when choir rehearsals start up again next month.  I really enjoy seeing people when I’m there, and just the satisfaction of Sorting Things Out.  I’ve also been practising my singing, and I was able to go on a day course of music theory for singers.  I have been a bit baffled by the British terminology, and that is clearer to me now.  Though I nearly got the giggles when my friend texted me at break, “I think a semi-demi-hemi-quaver must be a type of cheesy snack”.  [Quavers are a UK snack, and “quaver” means “quarter note” in US musical terminology.]

I hope you’re all enjoying your summer!



  1. Love the dollhouse! You are an inspiration! There will always be hard stuff in our lives but your light shines….flowers, music, family, learning and even rain looks positive thru your lens. Thank you. Shirley

  2. Yes, the summer is flying by. I think this one has spread its unpredictability across the UK. Thanks for brightening up what has been a rather overcast and damp day.

  3. The summer is certainly flying by with lots of unseasonal weather. You certainly seem to have made the most of it, you have such a positive outlook I find that inspirational. Love the dollshouse. I intend to do some work on ours through the Winter months this year.

  4. Tilly is adorable! Please send me some of your rain…my garden and trees need some. Your sweater is coming along beautifully. Give the dear Dafter a hug from me! Pat xx

  5. So good to have found such a creative and knowledgeable personal trainer for the Dafter. Increasing strength, however slow it may seem, is sure to have all-round benefits.
    Time has indeed been moving strangely this summer. Love the fact that you and Michael did a city bus tour – it’s always a mini holiday to be a tourist in your own city. You seem to be very much a Glaswegian now!

  6. […] with open windows during the summer months. Searching for an apt quote, we found this blog site, “Writing From Scotland.” So, here are some wonderful pictures and notes from Scotland by Christine […]

  7. It’s been really rainy in Aberdeen as well, but we’ve had some very sunny moments here and there too, so we’ll make do with that. Lovely to see the doll’s house again, and the cardigan, and those beautiful sweet peas! We normally have an abundance of sweet and eating peas, but they’ve not done so well this year.

  8. First day of homeschool here and I am very much looking forward to a more regular routine! (and getting back to regular blog posting and reading!!!!!) Had thought I would get a letter written but obviously have not :(. Love the pictures of your garden and the sweet peas! I have a butterfly bush now of that same color! Can’t wait until mine is larger! Glad the Dafter (and thus you) are hanging in there despite ups and downs. Thankful that she has a very kind person to help her with exercise!! Also love the doll house!

  9. We have had our share of rain and awful humidity here. I’m not complaining though, as the rain makes the grass grow which feeds the cows.:-) And, I’m thankful for airconditioning to keep me cool. Tilly is such a sweetie, and she looks like she quite enjoys the summerhouse. The sweet peas are beautiful. Mine did not appear this year. I think they were drowned out. The Oregon cardigan is coming along. Steeks and cutting just amaze me! So glad the Dafter has found a teacher that can relate to the exercise/chronic illness. That is a good thing as she can understand just what the Dafter feels and needs. Hope it goes well for her. It would be hard for me to put the Dollshouse away. It’s awesome! Glasgow is a beautiful city! We stayed at the Marriott on Argyle Street and did a lot of walking! It’s so nice to read your posts; looking forward to the next one. Enjoy the rest of your summer!
    Anne ♥

  10. I see I never wrote my thanks to you for all your lovely comments! Very glad you enjoyed Tilly and the dollshouse, and found some cheer here.

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