Posted by: christinelaennec | October 3, 2016

October already

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments and encouragement on my last post.  We all appreciated it.  Things have continued to be challenging, although the Dafter is settling better in college, once she got through a tummy bug that felled her for a week.  I am extremely grateful that she is still battling on.

Tilly has been pretty unwell – more on that in a moment – but I recently had another amazing singing experience.  I travelled to York to join one of the choirs I sing in, along with many other choirs from the North of England, to sing in Evensong in York Minster.

Looking up into the tower of York Minster.

Looking up into the tower of York Minster.

As you can imagine, it was an amazing experience.  I had never sung with 400 other people before, nevermind in the soaring acoustics of a cathedral!  The music was beautiful, and has been running through my head ever since.

Faces and a sheep:  carvings in the Chapter House of York Minster.

Faces and a sheep: carvings in the Chapter House of York Minster.

My visit to York was punctuated by phone calls to and from the vet (although not during the actual service, I hasten to add) but I made the most of it and was delighted by both the grandiose scale of this amazing medieval cathedral, and by the small details.

I was so excited to have this opportunity – Michael had insisted I go, and took time off work to look after the Dafter – and I was also relieved to be home again.  Tilly was very poorly, and we took her to the emergency vets.  She was dehydrated and running a fever, and she is still there.  I have been waiting for a phone call all morning.

The veterinary hospital in Glasgow has an excellent reputation.  We were impressed both by the care Tilly received when we arrived, and by the modern building with its brilliantly designed waiting room.  There are four S-shaped benches, each with two semi-enclosed areas for an animal to wait, without having to see all the other animals.  It being Sunday afternoon, we were the only ones there:

Waiting room of the Small Animal Hospital in Glasgow.

Waiting room of the Small Animal Hospital in Glasgow.

So I hope to have some slightly better news about Tilly for you.  I am regularly counting my many blessings, and I thank you again for your lovely comments.




  1. Hope all goes well with Tilly. York minster is a beautiful cathedral I can only imagine the thrill of singing in such grandeur. I hope you had the opportunity to have a stroll around the city, it certainly has some great history.

  2. Oh goodness, hope Tilly is Ok. Xx

  3. Paws crossed x Singing must have been awesome.

  4. Cheers for Michael making it possible for you to have a glorious time singing! I am glad Dafter is over the flu and soldiering on with college. I can’t see it yet, but I hear that Mt Hood is getting a new snowy white cape while we are getting cool showers of rain here in Boring. You and yours are in my thoughts with love. xx

  5. My heart is with you, Christine! Here’s hoping Tilly will be OK. I’m so glad to be able to read all your posts and see all your wonderful photos.

  6. Wow I remember being very impressed by the outside of York Minster, about 12 years ago, but we couldn’t stay to go in. Must go back sometime; its stunning. What a wonderful experience to sing there. Hope poor Tilly recovers soon!

  7. So glad you were able to get away to York to sing!!! It sounds wonderful! I love York and have been able to go there several times.

  8. What an incredible experience it must have been to sing in York Minster. I’m very sorry to hear about Tilly but she couldn’t be better looked after.

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