Photos of May’s family & friends, 1919-1933

Here are some photos from the years after May divorced John Diddy.  In 1921, her daughter Amy married Ethan Papineau.  In 1922, May married George Washington Maylone.  In 1923, she became the doting granny of Ethan Junior (Ethan Austin Papineau).  Her second grandchild, Ruth Ann, my mother, arrived in 1930.  (Austin married but had no children, and Leslie never married.)  In 1931, there was a Ripley family reunion in John Day.  May died a few weeks short of her 54th birthday in 1933.

Below:  newly-married Amy and Ethan in Jamestown, California, in late 1921.

Amy and Ethan Papineau, Jamestown, California, 1921

Three generations:  May and her mother Olive with Ethan Jr., ca. 1925:

May Ripley Diddy Maylone, Ethan Austin Papineau age about two, Olive Perryman Ripley, ca. 1925.

On November 2, 1931, there was a Ripley family reunion in John Day, Oregon.  This may have been the first time that May had returned to Oregon since she had been sent away to marry John Diddy in 1899.  Below, four generations:  Olive Perryman Ripley, her daughter May Ripley Diddy Maylone (already thin and unwell), May’s daughter Amy Diddy Papineau, and Amy’s daughter, my mother Ruth Anne Papineau, age one-and-a-half.  Everyone looks so well-dressed that it is hard to imagine how rudimentary May’s life in a mining shack was at this time.

From left: Olive Perryman Ripley, Ruth Anne Papineau (Olive's great-granddaughter), May Ripley Diddy Maylone (Olive's daughter) and Amy Diddy Papineau (Olive's grand-daughter). John Day, Oregon, 2 November 1931

Another photo of Olive with her surviving children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, from the same day:

Olive Ripley and her descendants, 2 November 1931, John Day, Oregon. Back row from left: Ray Asbury Ripley (b. 1889), his wife Maude Adkins Ripley (b. 1892), Nora Ripley Hall (b. 1884), Lela Ripley Chauvin (b. 1898), May Ripley Diddy Maylone (b. 1879), May's daughter Amy Diddy Papineau (b. 1903), Amy's husband Ethan Papineau (b. 1902). Front row, from left: Ray & Maude's son Guy Ripley (b. 1926), their daughter Erma Ray (b. 1921), Amy & Ethan's son Ethan Jr. (b. 1923), Olive Perryman Ripley (b. 1861), Amy & Ethan's daughter Ruth Anne (b. 1930), and Lela's daughter Betty Lee Chauvin (b. ca. 1921). Olive's daughter Maggie had died in 1902, her son Leo in 1929, and her son Perryman at birth in 1901. Her husband Jehu had died in 1915.

Olive had a dear friend in “Aunt Julia,” who was her son Ray’s mother-in-law.  Both women were from Missouri, but I haven’t been able to find out whether they knew each other before Ray married Julia’s daughter Maude.  Below, a picture of them together at Johnson Creek, Portland, Oregon.  (Ray and Maude lived in Portland.)

Julia Adkins and Olive Ripley, Johnson Creek, Portland, Oregon, June 1930


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