Ripley family photos, 1915 – 1927

Here are some photos of May’s mother and siblings taken after May left home and married.  Below, a postcard that Olive sent to May’s eldest son, Leslie:

Lela Ripley, Olive Perryman Ripley and Leo Ripley, ca. 1915. Leo has obviously borrowed the suit!

The back of the postcard, which was sent to May’s son Leslie, who was about 13 years old:

Back of postcard showing Lela, Olive and Leo, ca. 1915

Olive has written:

[To] Mr. Leslie Diddy

John Day

Dear as it is to[o] hot to write a letter I will just write on this beautifull post card.  Did you ever see anyone who looked like the people on the other side of this card?  Tell your Mama that Mr. Will Allen is very sick with spotted fever.  Grandpa and Uncle Leo is stacking hay.  Write soon, from your loving Grandma, Olive A. Ripley

Jehu died in 1915, according to my grandmother from being bitten by a spotted tick.  I haven’t identified who Mr. Will Allen was, or whether he survived his tick bite.

* * * * * * * *

Below is a triple photo of May’s brother Ray from his military service in World War One.  Ray was much loved by my family.  He went on to become a policeman in Portland, Oregon.

Ray Asbury Ripley in World War I (ca. 1917/1918)

Ray and his nephew Austin Diddy (May’s youngest) in Sacramento after World War I:

Ray Ripley & Austin Diddy, Sacramento, 1919

Finally, here is May’s mother Olive in about 1927, looking terribly elegant.  She had lived a hard life, being rescued from the Civil War as a baby, married at 15, and having brought up at least 7 children while constantly on the move west.  Like her daughter May, and countless other women of her generation, she made the best of life.

Olive Perryman Ripley, ca. 1927



  1. Love the pictures of your Mother, who made a mean stew back in the day! It’s so great to see the pictures of your recent ancestors.

    • Thanks so much for “stopping by,” Bruce! I find family photos so interesting – in some respects, I feel connected to these people, and in other respects I feel they were absolutely different from me, but that I would really have loved to meet them. Re. the photos of my mother: the really weird thing is that she’s now 80 and yet I can see the resemblance to her when she was 3!

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